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[11/04/2014] Smile получил Jedox Award

Smile получил награду "Партнер года" от Jedox >>

[06/03/2014] Smile откыл новый офис в Цюрихе!

Офис в Цюрихе позволит Smile охватить аудиторию немецко-язычной Швейцарии. >>

[06/01/2014] Smile меняет состав совета директоров

Keensight Capital, одна из ведущих европейских инвестиционных компаний, стала главным владельцем акций Smile, лидера по интеграции open source решений в Европе. В транзакции так же приняла участие компания Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (вместе с Cabestan Capital Fund). >>

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Открывающая цитата Beneteau поднимает паруса
с eZ Publish Закрывающая цитата

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Beneteau поднимает паруса со Smile на eZ Publish


Beneteau, ведущий мировой производитель яхт и моторных лодок, запустил новую версию своего сайта в апреле 2011. Сайт был разработан Smile на системе менеджмента контента eZ Publish.

"В контексте развития бизнеса в разных странах, Beneteau нужна была система менеджмента контента, которая поддерживает много языков", объясняет Рошер Пью (Rocher Piou), директор по маркетингу и коммуникациям Beneteau (€779.2 годового оборота), отвечая на вопрос, почему была выбрана именно система eZ Publish.

“Before, for our foreign language versions of the site, we had to copy and save each page on the site, one by one”, she added. “All that changed with eZ Publish. The pages and content can now be duplicated automatically, to integrate our translations.” The benefits are tangible: Beneteau.com, which is already available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, will soon be available in additional languages.

Pages generated on the fly

Widely used in all types of business sectors, eZ Publish has advanced functionalities for managing, structuring and categorising content, as well as several workflow, security and user rights management tools, to name but a few. This Norwegian CMS, developed in PHP, is also one of the only ones to enable online page generation on the fly, from categorised content. All this without ever having to leave the admin interface, which is very easy for contributors to use.

An eZ Publish partner since 2003 and eZ Publish Partner of the Year at the eZ Awards 2010, Smile was contacted in 2010 and asked its office in Nantes to handle the project (Beneteau’s head offices are located in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, in the Vendée region). It took just a few months to install the eZ Publish CMS, during which time, “Smile performed substantial work on the ergonomics”, stressed Nathalie Rocher Piou, who recalled that “the service company was the only one to offer that type of ergonomic analyses”.

The two partners “wrote the storyboard together and built each page, one by one, based on the identified content”.

The result? A success. “We will be working on a second version, transparent to users, in order to optimise certain functions”, pointed out Nathalie Rocher Piou.“But since it was brought online in April 2011, traffic on our website has already increased substantially.” And there is no shortage of projects for the future. Based on the new installed content management base, Beneteau plans to “capitalise on its content to bring other sites online for its customers”.

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