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[11/04/2014] Smile получил Jedox Award

Smile получил награду "Партнер года" от Jedox >>

[06/03/2014] Smile откыл новый офис в Цюрихе!

Офис в Цюрихе позволит Smile охватить аудиторию немецко-язычной Швейцарии. >>

[06/01/2014] Smile меняет состав совета директоров

Keensight Capital, одна из ведущих европейских инвестиционных компаний, стала главным владельцем акций Smile, лидера по интеграции open source решений в Европе. В транзакции так же приняла участие компания Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (вместе с Cabestan Capital Fund). >>

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Smile Becomes a Certified A/B Tasty Partner

[Wednesday 06 November 2013]

Smile teams have successfully obtained certification from A/B Tasty, the website testing solution

The certification, obtained by Smile, affirms the level of use of the tool and the operational implementation of the AB test.

A/B Tasty is a web application created for e-marketers. The software makes it easy to test multiple versions or pages of an Internet or e-commerce site. These tests allow on-line performance to be measured and improved. It offers tangible data regarding the effectiveness of the new version.

In other words, through using A/B Tasty, the effectiveness of improvements done on your websites can be measured.

Through this certification, Smile's e-business experts prove once again their ability to assist customers with improving the performance of their web projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our experts can assist you in all stages of your e-commerce projects.