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[11/04/2014] Smile получил Jedox Award

Smile получил награду "Партнер года" от Jedox >>

[06/03/2014] Smile откыл новый офис в Цюрихе!

Офис в Цюрихе позволит Smile охватить аудиторию немецко-язычной Швейцарии. >>

[06/01/2014] Smile меняет состав совета директоров

Keensight Capital, одна из ведущих европейских инвестиционных компаний, стала главным владельцем акций Smile, лидера по интеграции open source решений в Европе. В транзакции так же приняла участие компания Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (вместе с Cabestan Capital Fund). >>

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Complementary Services

Our services reflect the diversity of our business. They guarantee that all your needs will be completely understood, whether they require technical expertise or focus on communication or training. Their main characteristics:

  • They rely on expertise and current best practices, that are continually updated with the help of ourtechnical team.
  • They are overseen by an experienced project manager who coordinates their implementation.
  • They bring together many of our different solutions


Experts in managing Web projects and passionate about current innovations, our consultants will accompany you throughout the design and implementation of your solution.>>



Our educational approach can meet the different needs of your teams: training tools and Web technologies, seminars, tailored programs ...>>


Third Party Maintenance

A key stage in your project’s life cycle is its go-live, which represents the beginning of your application’s operational phase. Far from marking the end of your collaboration with Smile, it is, on the contrary, the starting point for long-term support delivered through a maintenance service.>>



Smile Hosting's positioning is one of an open source outsourcer. Our comprehension of source codes, our knowledge of solutions and our flexible and reactive organisation enable us to give added value to your projects.>>