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[11/04/2014] Smile wins a Jedox Award

Smile receives the "Partner of the year" Jedox award >>

[06/03/2014] Smile opens a new office in Zurich

The Zurich office will allow Smile to strengthen its activities in German-speaking Switzerland. >>

[06/01/2014] Smile strengthens and changes its majority stakeholders

Keensight Capital, one of the leading players in European Growth Equity, is becoming the majority shareholder of Smile, the first expert in Europe for open source solutions, alongside its management and its historic investor, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (with Cabestan Capital Fund), who also participated in this transaction. >>

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Third Party Maintenance

Third Party Maintenance

A key stage in your project’s life cycle is its go-live, which represents the beginning of your application’s operational phase. Far from marking the end of your collaboration with Smile, it is, on the contrary, the starting point for long-term support delivered through a maintenance service.

Smile’s mission involves supporting you in the following three areas:

  • Corrective maintenance: covers all processes and tasks required to efficiently handle any problems on your website. The keys to success here are fast response and resolution times.
  • Upgrade maintenance: your website will naturally require enhancements, whether due to the emergence of new needs or in response to new constraints (relating to legislation, systems, audience success, etc.). Smile guarantees the possibility of bringing in its expert resources at short notice, to meet your scheduling requirements.
  • Consultative maintenance: covering support, training and industry monitoring. Our role is to assist you so that your website stays at the cutting edge and is able to take advantage of the latest developments in the solutions it uses and in consumer web practices.

Smile and maintenance

Over the past 10 years, Smile has put together specialist maintenance teamsto provide solutions that are appropriate to the demands of this activity.
Our teams can provide you with support through a bespoke service ranging from a book of one-off service tickets, to a dedicated service centre.

Combined with knowledge of the full range of open source solutions supported by Smile, this expertise offers you a specialised service capable of handling your websites.
Our experts are yoursingle points of contact for all technologies and will act as the bridge between you and the solutions’ communities and vendors. Smile has built partnerships with more than 20 open source vendors, a testimonial to our comprehensive technological proficiency.

Methodological framework

Our entire methodology has been honed and perfected in conjunction with Smile’s Quality Department. This methodology is condensed in the Maintenance Quality Plan developed during the inception phase. The MQP is a manual, a user instruction book and a vital companion guide to our practices.

Maintenance is divided into three phases: inception, operations and reversal. If your site is developed by Smile, the inception phase is not only shortened, but the team’s learning curve, in terms of skills and instructions, is naturally mastered during development.

Smile’s commitments are set out in the Service Level Agreement:

  • Definition of measurements, commitments and monitoring;
  • Definition of expected long-term gains.

Smile also offers an on-call service with:

  • Experts in multiple technologies on call;
  • Out of hours cover, up to 24/7;
  • A weekly, monthly or annual on-call fee.

Our satisfied customersinclude: Oseo, HEC, INRA, Cheque Déjeuner, Mazars, osMoz, Voyages SNCF, Toshiba, De Dietrich Thermique, Sidel, FFGYM, Groupama Asset Management, JC Decaux, CF News, Motor Presse, APEC, Zodiac, INRS, and more.