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[11/04/2014] Smile получил Jedox Award

Smile получил награду "Партнер года" от Jedox >>

[06/03/2014] Smile откыл новый офис в Цюрихе!

Офис в Цюрихе позволит Smile охватить аудиторию немецко-язычной Швейцарии. >>

[06/01/2014] Smile меняет состав совета директоров

Keensight Capital, одна из ведущих европейских инвестиционных компаний, стала главным владельцем акций Smile, лидера по интеграции open source решений в Европе. В транзакции так же приняла участие компания Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (вместе с Cabestan Capital Fund). >>

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Choosing the Best Tools

No matter what the field of application, Smile is committed to being an expert of not just one but a selection of the best open source tools on the market. A highly effective technical intelligence program enables us to uncover and assess the tools of the future.



Alfresco, open source document management>>



Centreon, the information system monitoring solution>>



Drupal, the many facets of CMS>>


eZ publish

eZ publish, a top of the range content management system>>



Hippo, the Java CMS from the north>>



Jahia, both a CMS and Portal solution>>



Jaspersoft is the Business Intelligence suite from Jaspersoft, the company that developed the report generator JasperReport that has been in worldwide usage since 2001>>



Liferay, the ready to use J2EE portal>>



Magento, the new generation e-commerce solution>>



Nuxeo, an open source enterprise content management solution>>



ERP, 100% open source>>


Jedox (Palo)

Palo is a business intelligence suite that enables you to manipulate multi-dimensional data in a spreadsheet.

Palo BI Suite, is primarily a M-OLAP database, the central component of the suite that can be accessed from a web spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.




Pentaho is a comprehensive business intelligence suite that enables you to create and distribute business intelligence documents to a large number of recipients via a web interface.>>


PhoneGap Cordova

PhoneGap, the multi platform framework>>


RBS Change

RBS Change, combining content management and e-commerce>>



Solr, the search software platform based on Lucene’s search engine>>



Talend Open Studio is an open source ETL developed by the French company Talend. It enables you to graphically create data manipulation and transformation processes and to then run them using Java or Perl




TYPO3, a content management solution developed in php>>



Zimbra, a collaborative open source solution>>